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S2 Layouts by BiX
12th-Dec-2008 01:25 am - Layout: Flexible Squares [HSM3]
A layout I made for a friend =)

[Preview][Limited Time Live Preview]

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Thanks everyone.
Cake 2
A few profile codes today of Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas =)

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7th-Dec-2008 01:09 am - Affiliate With Me?
Cake 3
If you wish to affiliate with chococreamie, please leave a message here with your journal/comm link and add ChocoCreamie to your affiliates list.

Thanks guys!
This one is a Jonas Brothers layout. Big surprise there XD

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Please comment if you use!
5th-Dec-2008 11:49 pm - Welcome
Welcome to ChocoCreamie!
Feel free to use any of the codes you find here, provided you leave the credit intact.

It contains layouts, profile codes and perhaps other things by bonniebix.

Thanks for your patronage!

To affiliate, please leave a comment here!
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